AQUADOC ® Analytics CC is a water laboratory, performing various chemical and microbiological analyses on water. We assess municipal- and borehole water for human and animal consumption as well as irrigation purposes and environmental water quality monitoring.

Bottled water is regulated and there are specific guidelines. AQUADOC ® Analytics CC can assist with these requirements.

As a result of our experience and knowledge in the water field, we became involved in the design and testing of water purification systems. We are able to assist in diagnosing the problem and giving the relevant solutions.

AQUADOC is a registered trademark.

Contact details:
Tel: +27 12 803 6046
Fax: +27 86 680 7256
Cell: +27 82 578 1152
E-mail: gerrit@aquadoc.co.za
Web site: www.aquadoc.co.za